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Murphy O’Leary

When did you begin working out at Transcend Fitness Club?
I began working out at Transcend back in 2012.

Why did you choose to join Transcend?
I joined because my weight had gotten out of control, ultimately losing the athlete within me, and I needed to get my old self back.

Why did you choose to do Personal Training?
I chose personal training because I needed the discipline to help me switch the “athlete” back on. I was nervous to start working out on my own because it had been awhile and I felt embarrassed. I thought working out with a trainer would help me transition and gain the confidence I once had in the weight room.

What is the biggest thing you have accomplished since beginning? (Strength/Weight Loss/Body Composition)
Throughout my time at Transcend, I had accomplished things I didn’t think were possible. My most notable accomplishment was losing a total of 114lbs. I have had a recent knee injury, but I still have my eye set on additional weight loss. I have also achieved personal records in the Back Squat (500lbs) and the Deadlift (455lbs). I even got back to sprinting again and ran a 4.92 40 yard dash. I played soccer when I was younger and some in high school so sprinting was a lot of fun and I want to get that speed I once had.

Would you recommend Transcend Fitness and Personal Training to someone and why?
I would absolutely recommend Transcend Fitness Club to people because it is a wonderful gym with great equipment and trainers. I even made some great friends as well. I really enjoy being a member of Transcend Fitness Club.

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